Please contact our partners in your area for local prices and supply or contact our sales :

  • Prices listed here are Ex Works Kangasniemi, Finland excluding VAT.
  • Terms of payment: In advance either by wire transfer or by credit card to our PayPal account sales(at) at A fixed fee of 10 €/invoice will be added to cover some of our banking costs. The invoice will include shipping costs if you select air mail.

Methods of shipment:

  • By air mail
  • By your courier company (in this case we need your courier name and customer account number)

Courier shipments can take up to 5 days from our factory to Helsinki Airport so please take that into consideration when calculating total delivery times.

Note: Customs tariff code for all our WIB2xx and WUSB20 series WLAN modules is 84718000.

General Terms of Sales and Delivery.