Cellular connectivity for any M2M application
LGA form factor


Recommended form factor for embedded high volume applications. Small size makes it perfect for size critical M2M applications like mobile PDA's. Since modules are soldered on PCB it is mechanically very durable and better heat dissipation capability than B2B or miniPCIe modules, but replacing or upgrading is difficult. However, maufacturers like Huawei has simplified upgrading pin-to-pin compatible strategy within their products.

LGA form factor is especially good for industrial grade M2M applications like vehicle telematics, tracking, security, industrial router etc. 

Huawei and Cinterion LGA modules available from EWS.


Board-to-Board form factor

B2B it's not standardized interface therefore each manufacturer use different B2B interface. B2B modules are easy to replace or upgrade. B2B interface is mehcanically more reliable than miniPCIe but not as good as LGA.

Widely used different kind of M2M application such as medical equipment, gateway routers, ruggedized mobile pc's.

Huawei and Cinterion B2B modules available from EWS


MiniPCIe form factor


Standardized form factor modules are easily upgraded or replaced with other module. MiniPCIe form factor also able to variability between technologies without redesign. Also modules are easy to test with application.

MiniPCIe modules enables easy and quick cellular connectivity for any industrial PC-based application.

Huawei, Cinterion and Sierra Wireless miniPCIe modules available from EWS.


Complete GSM GPS/GLONASS board


Gatetel SWH complete GSM GPS/GLONASS board is ideal for all low volume M2M application. With Python scripting customer is able to store whole application program on board making terminal a complete solutions.

Please click here to see SWH sample Python application


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